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The play that happens at Port Discovery fosters creativity, curiosity, empathy and self-esteem and establishes the foundation for future academic success.  It is easy to assume that all children have equal access to quality play.  With urban realities such as poverty and violence, however, the importance of play is forgotten far too often when parents struggle to make ends meet.

Port Discovery is committed to providing all children with access to safe, productive play environments regardless of economic status.  In the Baltimore Metro Area, over 120,000 families live below the self-sufficiency level.  To ensure that these children and families can benefit from the power of play, Port Discovery established the Family Access Program, which provides free admission for economically disadvantaged families.  You can make a difference in the lives of these families by providing the gift of play.

A gift of $109 provides a family of four with a year of unlimited access to the Museum. 

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